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Get Found By Your Local Customers With Custom Local SEO Services From AO2

Here at AO2, we are local SEO specialists with several years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. In the last few years, we have helped hundreds of clients generate more leads, sales, sign-ups, subscriptions, and in-person visits using our unparalleled expertise. We are here to provide you with an all-in-one solution to local search. When you partner with us for local SEO services, you will receive a custom local SEO plan, expert SEO campaign management, and regular reporting. Our services will help you rank for the local keywords that people in your area are searching to find businesses like yours.

Local Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most crucial part of any local SEO campaign. It is the process of finding the search terms and phrases that people in the local area use when they search for nearby local businesses. We use various advanced tools and techniques to find the right keywords. We will identify the core terms and then extend them with keyword modifiers and locations to generate appropriate location-based keywords.

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Google Maps SEO

Google Maps SEO is the practice of optimizing the online presence of your local business to make it visible on Google Maps for your targeted keywords. It can help you get more high-quality leads, sales, and customers. At AO2, we have SEO experts who can optimize your Google Maps listing for better rankings. We will add a description, pictures, business hours, categories, and other important details to your profile. Contact now for further details.

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local seo
local seo services

Local Link Building

Local link building involves obtaining links from other local websites, including local businesses, blogs, community forums, directories, and news sites. We will create blog posts and articles to help you earn quality local links. We use keyword-rich anchor texts to point Google in the right direction. Get in touch with us today to know more about our local link building services.

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Local Landing Pages

The main purpose of creating local landing pages is to increase the visibility of a business website in local search results. If you are a business with multiple locations or service areas, then you must consider building local landing pages. At AO2, we are specialists in creating effective and well-optimized local landing pages. We will create useful content specific to the targeted geographical areas. Contact us now to talk with an SEO expert.

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On-page SEO Optimization

Optimizing the web pages for on-page SEO factors can help your business website rank higher in local search results. Our SEO team will work to improve on-page SEO to ensure that your website performs better in search results. Our process begins with homepage optimization. We will also write informative meta tags, create high-quality website content, add NAP data to relevant pages, and much more. We will also optimize the page load speed.

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Multi-Location SEO

Multi-location SEO strategy involves optimizing a business website in a way that increases its search traffic for all the geographical locations where it operates. This strategy is great for any business with multiple locations or service areas. We can create and implement a successful multi-location SEO strategy to help you get into the Local Pack of Google Search listings. Contact us now to know how multi-location SEO can help you grow your business.

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Team Up With Local SEO Experts to Grow Your Business!

Are you looking for the best SEO company that can help you reach more customers in your area? Then you have come to the right place.

  • At AO2, we have an in-house team of creative and experienced digital strategists. All our SEO experts are passionate about digital marketing.
  • One of our SEO strategists will carefully listen to your requirements and then develop a custom local SEO strategy for your business.
  • We offer transparent pricing for local SEO services. We want you to know how much you will pay for the service and exactly what you will get.
  • Over the years, we have earned a reputation for trust and reliability. We have hundreds of happy and satisfied clients who have rated us highly.
  • We have access to the most advanced SEO tools. We use proven methods and techniques to maximize the chances of success.
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Best Practices For Good Local Business Website Design

When it comes to building a local SEO-friendly website, there are three things to consider: website design, architecture, and usability. The website design is the visual look and feel of a website. A good local business website design must be responsive. You should avoid technologies that are not friendly to search engines or users. The web page should contain visual elements that grab the attention of visitors. Contact us now and let our web design experts create the perfect local SEO-friendly website for your business.

Why is local SEO important? The benefits of local SEO services

Is It Worth Investing in Local SEO? Benefits of Local SEO Services

Those who are new to SEO often ask the question, “why is local SEO so important?”. If you also have the same question in mind, then you are in the right place. There are plenty of reasons why every local business should invest in SEO services and we are going to talk about them below.

With more and more consumers looking for an easier way to find local businesses near them, it is now more important than ever to optimize your website for location-specific search queries. Statistics show that 72% of people who did a local search on a search engine visited a store within 5 miles. So, if you properly optimize your business website with local SEO and it starts showing up in the local search results, you can expect to get more foot traffic, sales, and customers.

The results from local SEO are measurable. You can easily track how your campaign is performing. The higher the ranking in local search results, the more traffic your website will receive. You will be able to capture more of the local market. If you want to know more about local SEO and how beneficial it can be for your business, please get in touch with us.

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Advanced Local SEO Techniques That We Utilize

When it comes to doing SEO for local businesses, it is important to focus on the seven key techniques. When you partner with AO2 for local SEO services, we can take care of all these steps to help your site rank higher on Google.

1. Optimizing The Google Business Profile Listing

The listing of three businesses that appears at the top of search results when we search for a term using keywords like “near me” or “near [local area]” is known as the local SEO 3-pack. The Google Business Profile listings contain key information about a business such as the company address, opening hours, phone number, website, customer ratings, and images. If you want your business to show up in the local SEO 3-pack for relevant search terms, you need to claim and optimize your Google business profile listing.

2. Extensive Keyword Research

To be able to rank your site higher in local search results, the first thing you need to do is to identify the key phrases and terms that your local customers are using to find businesses like yours. For example, if you own a hair salon in Los Angeles, then you will want to target keywords like “best hair salon in Los Angeles” or “best Los Angeles hair salon”. You can also create keywords by adding the location after the core term. You need to optimize your page titles, meta descriptions, and site content for these keywords. You can also consider creating local landing pages or location-specific pages to rank in more local search results.

3. Building Local Citations

Building local citations is one of the most important parts of any local SEO strategy. It is an excellent way to earn local listings from sites Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Bing, Apple Maps, etc. At AO2, we can help you build local citations. The local SEO services from AO2 can ensure that the citations are updated and that they are attracting the right traffic to your website.

4. Monitoring Customer Ratings and Reviews

For a local business, it is extremely important to regularly monitor online reviews and promptly respond to them. Customer reviews and ratings can appear on various online platforms, including your website, Google Business Profile, Facebook, Yelp, and more. People will feel more confident in buying from you or doing business with you if they find positive reviews about your business. At AO2, our goal is to help you build a solid reputation in your local area by managing your online reviews and digital presence.

5. Building High-quality Links

Obtaining links from reputable sources can help you improve your site rankings on Google and other major search engines. For local businesses, it is best to get links from other local websites such as local businesses, news sites, local directories, etc. Our SEO experts can implement a custom local link building campaign to help you build a strong backlink profile.

6. Analyzing User Experience

Your website must provide a positive UX in order to attract more local traffic. A poor user experience can cause high bounce rates, which can hurt your search engine rankings. We will help you improve the UX of your local business website. First of all, we will streamline your navigation and internal linking so your visitors can easily find the information they need. We will also optimize the page load speed and add head-turning visual elements to the web pages to increase engagement rates.

7. Implementing Responsive Web Design

With more and more people accessing the internet using mobile devices, it is now more important than ever for local businesses to focus on mobile-friendly web designs. Google also prefers sites that are mobile responsive. If you are not sure if your business website is mobile-friendly, please feel free to contact us. We will check the site and optimize it for mobile.

We are Rated by 100s of Clients

We take pride in the fact that with our result-driven and practical services, 100s of our clients have been able to grow their businesses exponentially. We firmly believe that the quality of our service is not what we offer, but what our clients get out of it. We value the relationship with our clients and strive to make our service not just good but the very best you can get.

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Fantastic Web Designers. Truly artistic. They designed for me two websites so far and I couldn't be happier.

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A hard working team,I strongly recommend it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to digital marketing, we have the answers! Below we have listed a few questions frequently asked by our clients, business owners, and marketers both online and on social media.

1. What are local SEO services?

2. What are local citations?

Local citations refer to any online mentions of your business, its address, and contact information. We can help you get citations from various online platforms, including Google Business Profile listings, review sites, social media platforms, etc.

3. Why is local SEO so important?

Local SEO can make your business visible to the people in your local area. It will increase your website traffic as well as bring more foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar locations.

4. What is a good local business website design?

A good local business website design must be mobile responsive. It should provide a smooth and positive user experience. Also, the web pages should contain interactive and visual elements that can engage users.

5. What are the key local SEO platforms?

The key local SEO platforms include Google Business Profile, Yelp, Facebook, etc.